"Steel to Wheels" - A Closer Look inside the Nissan Titan XD

Since it's first creation in 2003, Canton, Mississippi home to about 13,000 and home of the Nissan Titan.

Right off the manin highway in Canton, Missippi you can see the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant that's 4.7 million-square-foot plant who has a staff of 6,400 working on its more than 1,000 acres. Native call it "Canton's Titan"

"All TITANs made have come out of this plant," said chief engineer Erik Fields. "The new Titan XD gives pride because we've been able to see something grow."

To make sure the production of the newest Titan goes smooth, factory lines were altered to accommdate the size and weight of the new truck that comes with multiple options to customize it to your prefection.

Canton has made over 3 million vehicles in its history, including the Nissan TITAN, Murano, Altima, Armada and Frontier.

"There is a bond when you see a TITAN on the road," said Fields. "It's from this plant. Everybody who works here can point out to their family and say that came from my plant."

Here is the story of the making of Canton's TITAN.